TAG remains busy despite oil price slump

TAG Oil’s Vancouver team periodically makes the trek to New Zealand, to work face to face with the operational team, and they sent in some photos from a recent trip. The fact that it’s been cold and rainy in B.C. has nothing to do with the timing (note the blue skies and shirt-sleeves), we’re sure. 

From left to right: (1) Ryan Beierle (TAG Production Manager) stands in front of a workover rig.  (2) Toby Pierce (CEO) snaps a selfie. (3) The workovers. (4) Dave Loretto (TAG Geo Consultant) in front of the jet-pump heaters.  (5) Toby at the workers with Mt. Taranaki in the background. (6) Ryan admires wellhead E7.  (7) Toby’s father,  Dave and Ryan check out the workover rigs.  (8) The picturesque A2 wellhead with a dug out cellar. (9) Cheal A in the early fall sun. 

IMG_20160225_104819 IMG_20160225_104908IMG_20160225_105210
IMG_20160225_110649 Ryan Beierle(wellhead E7) IMG_20160225_105322[7] IMG_20160225_105408IMG_20160225_110129