2017 Shareholder call and Q&A with TAG Oil CEO Toby Pierce

TAG Oil CEO Toby Pierce took time to answer shareholders’ questions on our annual shareholders’ conference call that took place on July 6.

Shareholders and other interested investors heard a brief update on TAG, and then Toby answered the questions they’d e-mailed in.

The questions included:

1. Why haven’t you taken on debt and chosen to use equity instead/dilute shareholders?

2. When do you expect the water flood to start working?

3. Can you give us more background on your reserves report and what do you expect next year?

4. Why is the share price underperforming? Specifically, around news releases that look positive?

5. Are you looking at further acquisitions and expansion?

6. What is your biggest challenge over the next 12-24 months?

7. Where do you see oil prices headed over the next year?

8. Are you happy with where TAG Oil is currently at now that you’re 24 months into the role?

In case you missed the shareholder call yesterday, take a listen to the recording below or read the transcript here. And if you have more questions, we are always available to answer them. Just contact us via the method of your choice!