Seismic survey complete!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” and TAG Oil takes that advice to heart.

Most recently, we’ve been gathering detailed information on TAG’s Australia Permit, PL17, located in Queensland’s Surat Basin.

The Brigalow Seismic Survey of PL17, which was recently completed by Geokinetics (Australasia) Pty Ltd., covered ~95km2 surface coverage of 3D, and a ~6.6km 2D tie line.

The survey party visited the area in early July to speak with landholders and gain an understanding of the specific requirements of each property. For example, different properties use their land for different purposes, such as grazing or to grow crops. Understanding what crops would be planted and when, and where animals are grazing, informed our access to areas and the best time to access them.

Following this assessment, a larger crew came in to prepare the seismic lines for access by the Vibrator buggies, general vehicular access, and the deploying of the nodal receivers. Slashing and mulching of weeds was undertaken, following strict guidelines required by the regulatory authorities. On our acreage, for example, only a very light touch was allowed, and as a result, the Vibrator buggies could not access all areas we had initially intended.

Seismic acquisition parameter testing was undertaken on 20 July, where we finalized the:

  • Range of sweep frequencies for the Vibrator to shake,
  • Number of shakes at the vibrator point,
  • Duration of the sweep.

Following confirmation of all the required parameters, production recording occurred over the period between 1 to 12 August.

Upon completion of the seismic acquisition, the nodes were recovered, the data “harvested” from them, and a QC of the data recorded was undertaken by Geokinetics. The data were then transferred to Velseis Processing Pty Ltd in Brisbane, where the complete processing of the seismic data will be undertaken, with completion expected around the end of December 2017.

Enjoy the pictures below!