Investing mistakes not to repeat in 2017

Investors are always on the hunt for tips, tricks and advice on how to increase the value of their portfolios and up their stock market knowledge.

The markets were a roller coaster ride in 2016: some won, some lost, and many held strong. With the new year in full swing, investors have new opportunities, and experts have weighed in with eight mistakes that investors made last year to avoid going forward.


  • Bet against banks
  • Let emotions mess with your timing
  • Get too feverish on health care
  • Get gutted by gut feelings
  • Be blinded by sector pessimism
  • Fear the economy
  • Blindly chase yield
  • Be reluctant to ring out the old

As oil prices were in the dumps for two years, many energy investors fell into the category of sector pessimism.  But with every low, there usually follows a high, and we are now seeing oil prices and investor sentiment on the rise, as new opportunities arise not only for investors but for energy companies as well. 

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