Hiking to the summit

After several days of intensive strategy and technical meetings at TAG Oil’s head office in Vancouver, CEO Toby Pierce, COO Henrik Lundin, Director Dave Bennett, Geologist David Loretto, and I set out for a day of hiking near Squamish, British Columbia.

Stunning Squamish, a scenic 60 km drive due north of Vancouver, is known for its rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, kite surfing and more, but it’s the hiking that drew our intrepid crew up.

During the challenging hike, I quickly realized that my associates were as determined and competitive as I am. Determination helped us push through any difficulties we encountered and kept us to our path—we had decided on our goal, and our intentions remained firm even when the going got tough.

And having a competitive nature turbo-charged that determination.

It occurred to me along the way that determination and competitiveness are pretty strong qualities for executives of a high-growth oil company to have, especially when backed by good judgment and critical thinking skills to continually assess the path to the prize.

I can say without question that TAG’s new team is a top-notch team of champions, determined to grow TAG Oil into the company we know it can be, many magnitudes larger than its current value. Never reckless, but competitive, determined, and skilled. It’s been a tough climb, but the view from here is looking pretty good.

Alex Guidi, Chairman

CEO Toby Pierce, COO Henrik Lundin, Director Dave Bennet, geologist Dave Loretto, Chairman Alex Guidi

L to R: COO Henrik Lundin, Director Dave Bennett, CEO Toby Pierce, Geologist David Loretto, Chairman Alex Guidi