“Future Shock. The year is 2021 and Oil is at $150.”

What an eye-grabbing title for an article that Dusgyant Choudhary recently wrote.

The article is written with a date of April 1, 2021, and it shows Brent Crude hitting $150.00 per barrel.  With oil having a hard time hitting $60 present day, it’s not hard to imagine the world being in shock at the outlook of $150.00.

The factors he discussed leading to a huge rise in oil prices include:

  • Lack of investment in exploration
  • End of easy money and rise in interest rates
  • Saudi Aramco IPO
  • Continued growth in oil demand
  • Financial speculation

He writes on “The confluence of these 5 separate developments over a short period of time has been behind the unrelenting rise in oil prices.”  And like most near-future science fiction, it’s very rooted in reality.

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