Exploration well drilling update & video

TAG Oil’s Pukatea-1 exploration well is living up to expectation so far, with potential oil pay at our secondary target, the shallow Mount Messenger formation. With at least one oil-charged zone, the probability is high that this well, along with the shut-in Puka 2 wellbore, will be monetized.

Now we drill on to our primary target in the deeper, high-impact Tikorangi Limestone target —which lies in the same formation as the adjacent Waihapa oil field that has produced more than 23 million barrels of oil to date. As we drill, TAG Oil COO Henrik Lundin gives a quick overview of the drilling at the Pukatea siteabove the racket of the drilling itself!  

With approximately a week left until we reach the Tikorangi, pressure is building and our excitement is mounting.